Kimbella Creates “Feel Pretty” T-Shirts After ‘Love & Hip-Hop’

may have come to an end for us on Monday, but the women of the show still have to go on with their real lives off-camera. Kimbella’s pregnancy announcement on the season finale–on top of a sketchy relationship with Juelz Santana–made her future seem the most uncertain out of all the cast members, but she recently told Necole Bitchie she has big plans for the future.

“I’m gonna launch my pop career, I sing. Not like Erica Mena. I can really sing,” she said. “I’m also developing a line of watches. As well as a clothing line. And of course I’m doing my ‘Feel Pretty’ shirts which will be available on my website.”

“My goal is to grow the brand and eventually I’ll probably start an agency for upcoming models. I want to teach them the right way to handle their careers. You don’t just model for the rest of your life. I just want to educate women. We need unity, not jealously and to help one another. It’s such a struggle out here.”

So, do those plans include appearing on another season of Love & Hip-Hop? Kimbella said only if the money’s right.

“I have two kids that I have to support. And now that I’m a little wiser about what this process is really like, I’m going to need a lot of things. So renegotiating my contract isn’t going to be easy. They’re going to have to come with it.

If, by some chance, she skips out on Season 3 of the show, we’ll still have a chance to learn more about the real Kim in the book she plans to write. Until then, we’ll just have to listen out for the gossip.

Do you hope Kimbella comes back for season 3?