King Back! 5 Reasons We’re Feeling T.I.’s New Mixtape, ‘F— Da City Up’


1. T.I. sounds reenergized, refocused, and interested in rapping again on just about every track.

We haven’t heard a ton of new music from T.I. since he got out of the clink back at the beginning of the fall. So we were very happy to press play on Fuck Da City Up and hear Tip rapping aggressively like we know he’s capable of. That’s not to say that he’s rapping angrily like he’s done in the past on tracks like 2010’s “I’m Back.” But he sounds more proficient than he did on a lot of the tracks that appeared on his last album, No Mercy. The hooks are catchier, the lyrics are delivered with a renewed sense of purpose, and T.I. just sounds, for lack of a better word, better than he has in recent years. It’s a much welcomed return to the game for him.