Is This The Leak That Made 50 Cent Go Crazy?

A song by 50 Cent, titled “Girls Gone Wild” (fea. Jeremih), mysteriously popped up on Myspace today. Could this be the reason 50 sounded off on his label today?

It sounds like the rapper tried to incorporate pop, R&B and hip-hop with the soft intro. A mellow, yet explicit verse by Jeremih follows. The song speeds up a bit once 50 begins rapping. Throughout the song he talks about his “sh*t making girls go wild.” He’s really confident of himself in this track, but it may take some time to grow on you.

Mid-song he says: “She see my watch and all the rocks on top of my new pinky ring. Understand, I’m out in here in these streets. Get out of line, try and take mine, I be at you with the heat…Shawty bad. I bet you she’s a freak. She might bring her friend if she want something to eat.” 

Considering the fact that the sound of music’s changed from 10 years ago, “Girls Go Wild” sort of, just sort of, sounds like a new-age “In Da Club” song. It’s… different. We can’t knock him for trying, though. –Aliya Faust

Listen To The Song Here