Love & Hip-Hop Ep. 9 Recap: More Drama With Chrissy, Kimbella vs. Erica Continues, Somaya Returns

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Monday (Jan. 16) nights episode of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop was filled with th ongoing drama from episode 8.The episode begins with Olivia and Emily getting thrown in the middle of Yandy and Chrissy’s situation. Yandy confronts Olivia about not having her back when she got into the fight with Chrissy. Olivia is friends with both ladies, so she just simply walked away. In a conversation between Yandy, Olivia and Emily, Em makes it clear that Yandy stepped out of line from the beginning. “You were aggressive from the gate … Her man is your client!” Emily exclaims. Yandy wasn’t the only one who felt some type of way about Olivia’s nonchalance. Chrissy questioned Olivia’s loyalty when she was supposed to be a close friend.

Even though Yandy lost Jim Jones as a client, she had a meeting with Dipset rapper Cam’ron and talks to him about her being his manager. Ms. Smith is clearly a woman that is all about her money and business. Meanwhile, Emily meets up with Fabolous’ ex-assistant, Winter, and confides in her about whether or not she should get back together with Fabolous. Oddly enough, Winter encourages her to continue to wait for him to commit.

Moving on to the next set of drama filled women, Erica does a one on one interview with VIBE’s own Starrene Rhett and is of course asked about Kimbella. Erica slanders Kimbella and says “I wouldn’t even call what [Kimbella] does as modeling, I mean, 101 ways of bending over is more like soft porn.” Erica was basically asking for attention with that statement. Somaya makes her long awaited return in this episode to break the news of Erica’s interview with VIBE to Kimbella. Ironically enough, Kimbella attends Erica’s birthday bash and the two exchange harsh words, but at the end Kimbella and Somaya walk away.

Stay tuned for next week’s season finale recap.