Love & Hip-Hop! Jim Jones Finally Proposes To Chrissy

No more painkillers for Chrissy. On last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop, Jim Jones gave his long-time girlfriend the real thing she wanted to end her pain—an engagement ring.

Despite proposing to “Jimmy” at the end of Season 1 and purchasing a replacement ring for her man of six years after he lost his, Jim had yet to formerly accept Chrissy’s proposal, let alone put a ring on it. In episode 7, Chrissy was coming to a breaking point about her lopsided relationship and decided to take an impromptu trip to Miami with her girls to get a break. But Jim took an unplanned excursion of his own to surprise Chrissy with a huge rock and a proposal (sort of) at her hotel.

Early on in Season 2, some had already caught a glimpse of Chrissy’s diamond ring, but now we know the engagement is official. No word on when they’ll actually tie the knot, but I smell a Jim Jones/Chrissy spin-off coming down the line, what do you think? –Brande Victorian

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