Love or Loathe? Amber Rose Sports a Face Tattoo

Someone should tell Amber Rose to wipe that tattoo off of her face so we know it’s not real. I think we’re all just about over this ridiculous tattoo celeb-life crisis everyone seems to be going through lately. First it was the STANS who tatted things like Drake’s name on their forehead or Nicki Minaj on their arm and even “free boosie,” but now celebrities are going overboard from Chris Brown to Rihanna and now Amber Rose.

Amber’s known to push boundaries—see bald head and every outfit she’s ever worn—which is why this ridiculous face tattoo that on any other celeb we would assume is fake, seems like it could be the real thing. Amber’s face and body are her only money maker so it seems a little risqué that she’d tamper with it by placing this Mike Tyson-esque tribal art on her mug, but when you’re 28, in love and making lots of dough, sometimes anything goes. Hopefully that tattoo will be next.

Are you feeling Amber’s new face art, real or fake?