Ludacris is Closing Straits to Focus on Chicken N Beer

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Last Wednesday (Jan. 4) we reported that Ludacris is opening up a new restaurant called Chicken N Beer. Today, we’ve learned that this means the end of Luda’s restaurant in Atlanta called Straits. The rapperpreneur recently announced that he will be closing the Singaporean cuisine themed restaurant to shift his focus to his new venture.

“As I continue to learn and evolve as a business man, I am extremely excited to  put my restaurateur footpring into a new venture inside the busiest international airport in the United States, Harstfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Straits was a great segue into the industry and with Chicken N Beer I can create my own concept. I look forward to expanding my creativity and driving to much higher plane,” he stated.

Straits had a four year run, and as far as Chicken N Beer, we’re sure that the Atlanta airport will bring much business. Good luck Luda!