Mag Gems: Skin Tips for the Winter

In the same December issue that gave us Victoria Beckham’s mod-inspired collection, ELLE served up some skin advice via Dr. Peredo. Promoted by Olay, there’s this quiz that helps readers learn the best ways to achieve hydrated, radiant skin. Now, we all can agree that the cold months can make that feat a bit harder. Brisk winds and freezing temperatures are natural enemies to a youthful, vibrant look. But of course, there are three ways to combat winter skin woes.

1. Drink plenty of water and cut back on alcohol and caffeiene.

2. Use moisturizing products, both in and out of the shower.

3. Shoot for at least eight hours of sleep.

Saying “no” to that venti frappuccino and cutting back on your overtime may prove to be tough, but saving your fresh face is priceless!