Maurice Sendak Appears on ‘The Colbert Report,’ Says Newt Gingrich is an Idiot, Hilarity Ensues

Most of us, no matter what our background is, have probably read a Maurice Sendak book as a child. It’s like a rights of passage when you’re a kid. Anyway, the famed children’s book author recently appeared on The Colbert Report and delivered an honest and hilarious interview filled with awesomeness. Sendak and Colbert covered a variety of topics from Newt Gingrich, (“[He’s] an idiot of great renowned…hopelessly gross and vile”) to children (“I like them as few and far between as I do adults”), he explains what “the wild rumpus” really means, and learns from Colbert who Vin Diesel is. At 83-years-old, Sendak does not hold his tongue. Watch but be warned, someone out there may be offended:



Sendak was a good sport. Do you have a ratchet grandpa like this?