Mike Epps on New ‘Friday’ Movie: ‘I Think It’s Going Down In The Spring’

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With the world anxiously awaiting the fourth Friday movie, Mike Epps spilled some information about where things are with the film. In a recent interview with Rickey Smiley on his Hot 107.9 Atlanta morning show, Epps said he spoke with Ice Cube about the project and things seem to be moving along.

“I talked to Ice Cube and he told me he’s getting the script together. They’re waiting on New Line Cinema to come through. I think it’s going down in the spring.”

He also spoke on Chris Tucker aka Smokey’s return to the movie franchise.

“Ice Cube spoke to Chris Tucker and I think he’s coming back. If we can get Chris Tucker to come back, show up for 5 or 6 minutes. Bring out Kat Williams. Yep.”

With Deebo and Pops both talking about the new flick, let’s hope it happens sooner than later.

Check out Mike’s funny interview with Rickey Smiley below: