Mona Scott-Young Talks Jim Jones’ Proposal To Chrissy, Yandy Quitting as Jim’s Manager, and More

Love & Hip Hop executive producer Mona Scott Young is back with answers to more of your questions. Check out her thoughts on Jim’s proposal to Chrissy, Yandy quitting as Jim’s manager, Erica’s feature on the show, and more.

To my Lovers & Hip Hoppers!
Another week of Love & Hip Hop madness! But from the feedback I see that you guys are still hanging in there with me. I have to say the last few episodes were probably the most difficult for me. Lots of great TV drama but can’t honestly say it’s the way I would have preferred to see my ladies express themselves or resolve their conflicts. But I’m not here to judge and you shouldn’t either! For the avoidance of doubt, the show is NOT scripted so sometimes (ok ALOT of the times. LOL!) it gets difficult to play the sidelines and just let the drama run its course – but that’s the process of REALITY TV. I mention this because some of the feedback I get question why I let certain things happen or why I condone certain actions. Let’s be clear, these shows are not a total picture of these ladies and who they are. We are capturing moments in their lives- and most times only the moments that make for the most compelling television. And let’s be honest here, you guys know what you want to see when you tune in on Monday nights- but we are constantly trying to balance that drama with good storytelling and an insight that gives you a real glimpse into their lives, who they are, what they’re feeling and why they react the way they do. We all have moments in our lives that we wish we could have done differently, times that we’re not proud of how we reacted to a situation. We are all flawed – but that’s what makes us human. The difference for us is that we don’t have a camera following us capturing those moments.  These women have opened up their lives and shared a part of themselves – and we were entertained. I’m sure if we look closely we can all find a little bit of ourselves in them.
Only 3 more episodes to go. Enjoy!
And as always thanks for the support!

Did you see Chrissy getting proposed to by Jim coming? What was the cast/ prod. staff’s reaction?

Of course, we all (viewers included) wanted Jim to come correct and do right by Chrissy so we were all happy to hear that he was finally ready to make the move. Jim had a very specific idea of how he wanted to do the proposal and did it in true Jim fashion. LOL! It was very moving to watch in person and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house- including mine- but I’m a water head : )

Did Yandy’s quitting as Jim’s manager change anything with the show/ her being featured on the show?

Yandy came on as Jim’s manager but that’s not all she was or is. She is smart, charismatic, funny, genuine and truly likeable- all great TV personality traits. What we didn’t anticipate was everything that transpired between her and Chrissy and although that took us in a different direction, it didn’t impact the fact that we felt she was a great character and addition to the cast.

Will Erica become a more featured cast member?

The goal is always to follow story and boy did Erica give us a story to follow. She came on like gangbusters and although it initially took everyone by surprise, we gave her the opportunity to express her point of view. Erica is very spontaneous in her expression which makes for explosive reaction which equals great reality TV.

With Juelz making his second appearance on the show last night, should we expect to see more of him?

We love Juelz and wanted as much of him on the show as we could get. He and Jim are hysterical together and I love how he and Yandy interact. It was perfect that he was able to speak to Yandy about her situation with Jim since he has a close relationship with them both. We do get to see more of Juelz in the next couple of eps.

Does the show feature how Kimbella deals with the legal issues Juelz has faced this past year?

Juelz’ legal issues weren’t our primary story and we wanted to be careful about putting anything out there that could hurt his case. Although it does come up in general terms, we did not get into details. We hope everything works out for Juelz and wish him the best for a stress free 2012!