Nick Cannon on His Kidney Failure -‘I’m Fine, I’m Totally Recovered’

Nick Cannon is back to work after a kidney failure scare earlier this month. He spoke about what he experienced on his radio show Tuesday (Jan. 17) and says he will be fine.

“I’m one of those people who have always been this way … I thought I was healthy. I was trying to be Superman and I hadn’t slept for maybe four days because I was taking care of the kids,” says Cannon, who was found laying on the floor in pain by his wife, Mariah Carey. “Two days before New Year’s, I started to feel this horrible pain in my back, they did some more tests … and — it took a day or two — and they were like, ‘We think it’s a little more serious than a kidney infection. We’re going to keep you in the hospital. You need to stay here.'”

After the test results came back it was revealed that what he thought was something small was nothing minuscule at all. “They came and told me that my kidneys aren’t functioning. Not just one — not the one that was in pain — both both of them weren’t functioning right. My immune system started to attack my kidneys … And my kidneys pretty much failed.”

Not the best news you want to hear when you’re welcoming a new year. He finished off with telling his audience, “I’ve got to go back [to the doctor] a couple more times, but I’m fine. I’m totally recovered.”

What a scare, hopefully he will be paying much more attention to his health now.