Nicki Minaj Announces Overseas Tour and Next Single Update

For Nicki Minaj’s Barbz in the UK, her recent announcement may cause a large frenzy. According to Minaj’s Twitter, she explained in less than 150 characters that a new overseas tour is in store from February 20 to February 29.

While this is exciting news for her legions, another tweet explaining the release of the video for “Va Va Voom” has been postponed. No worries though, she’s working hard to deliver Pink Friday: Reloaded on the promised February 14 date.

@NickiMinaj: Its official. I reunite with the barbz and roman empire from feb 20th – feb 29th…(Leap Year)…in the UK… 😉

@NickiMinaj: N barbz pls don’t start. Its not cmn out 2mro due to cockheads. Smdh. Cpl more days for both. tight –Eric Diep

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