Olivia and Rich Dollaz vs. The Breakfast Club: Delusions, Perceptions and Drama

Now that the season finale of Love & Hip Hop has aired, Olivia took to Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to clear up some misconceptions surrounding her life and the show.

Olivia was in the middle of  the drama between co-stars Chrissy and Yandy, she says that she and Chrissy are still cool and what seemed like fear she had of Chrissy, really wasn’t.

“It had nothing to do with fear,” Olivia told “The Breakfast Club.” “ I’m just not choosing sides. Why should I have to choose sides? We’re all grownups.”

But that isn’t the only drama Olivia is dealing with. After Jim Jones’ mother Nancy launched a twitter tirade against her, she felt as though she had to respond.

“I don’t even know what that was about and really I don’t care. I was annoyed and I couldn’t take it anymore and I said something,” she said. “What do you think,  Just cause she’s your mother,  I’m not gonna say nothing?  You can’t just expect to disrespect me and I’m not gonna say nothing. We’re both grown women even though you’re a growner ass woman. “

The season finale also brought forth another set of beef with former friend Funxmaster Flex, which she addressed. “The whole thing was just stupid basically,” said Olivia.  “We were supposed to be cool. That’s why it bothered me because we were cool and I have to find out turning on the radio that we ain’t so cool.  That’s one of the reasons I’m so closed in the industry also because people who I think I’m cool with, I’m not. So f all of yall.”

As for her love life, Olivia has been constantly connected to rapper Maino,  however, she says that was in the past as she is now dating basketball player Tarence  Kinsey.  “You know we were just moving in two different directions and we both [are] trying to further our career. I wasn’t really trying to do anything else and then Tarence came in and just made it all worthwhile.”

But what everyone seemed to take away most from Olivia’s role on the show was her hardships with her music career and finding a record deal. Though viewers found her to appear delusional, she says that she’s definitely not. “Because I’m passionate about my craft and I’m not gonna settle for less,” she says. “I don’t understand why is that so hard to understand when I say I’m not gonna settle. Just cause other people may take the first thing that comes at them, that doesn’t mean I’m going to.”

Instead, she is waiting for the deal that makes the most sense to her and allows her to maintain her creative control, mentioning that her album is “bananas”. “We were waiting for the right one,” she said.  “Now we got a few good ones on the table that we’re thinking about so maybe in a few days. “ –Jazmine Gray