Pill Sets The Record Straight: ‘I Never Signed Any Paperwork With Ross’

So all those rumors and ramblings of Pill and his relationship with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group can be silenced as Pill has cleared the air saying he was never signed with MMG.

The rapper spoke with MTV News today and elaborated on the situation with Rick Ross and explained how he was signed to MMG’s distributor Warner Bros. Records but not Rozay’s empire.

“I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already,”Pill stated.

Despite being featured on the MMG compilation album, Self Made Vol. 1, Pill was never officially signed with Ross.

However, the Atlanta emcee was involved in a few performances. Pill was also a part of the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards rap cypher, but didn’t perform with Ross, Meek, Wale at the awards show.

“I never really went on tour with them; I never really did anything with them,” Pill said. “The only time I performed on tour with them is when it stopped in Atlanta. They still showed love to a n—a when it was time to go to Vegas, or Cali, you know, whatever the label had put together for us to be on as a whole.”

Pill isn’t down with MMG officially but he says there is no problem between him and Ross and insists it is all good.

“I ain’t got nothing against none of them, nobody. It’s just the situation don’t work…It’s cool with us, I don’t got nothing against Ross either. It’s just I don’t talk to him. I ain’t really got too much to say to somebody that ain’t got too much to say to me. I’m not a brownnose, I ain’t a punk ass n—a and I’m not finna go trying to chase behind somebody that ain’t sayin’ nothing to me.”

Should Pill have made things work out with MMG?