Pop and Oak Remain Unsure How Big Sean and Kanye Got Their ‘Marvin & Chardonnay’ Beat

The streets of Istanbul and Philly may be worlds apart but thanks to a shared passion between two young men from each time zone, hip-hop has a new production duo breathing new life into music. Producers Pop & Oak may not have the most recognizable name but their beats do all the talking for them.

Last year, the production team ended up producing one of the biggest club records of 2011. Pop, who was born and raised in Philly, explained  how their mega collaboration “Marvin & Chardonnay” by Big Sean and Kanye West came together by fate.

“We were in the Philly studio, and I just got a call from Don C like ‘Kanye needs these files.’ I was like ‘What? Whatever the song you’re talking about is, I never met Kanye,’ says Pop. I straight up told him ‘I’ve never worked with him. He’s never taken any of my beats’ and then Don C started playing the track over the phone and I’m like ‘Oh sh*t, that is our track!’

Pop says he was summoned to Kanye’s makeshift hotel-room/studio in New York City the very next morning. He recalls hopping aboard a train for the Big Apple without a clue of what would happen next.

“I think the beat was originally named “Cross” before Kanye got it,” Pop continues. “To this day, I don’t know how he got the beat. I’ll never know how Roscoe Dash ended up on the hook. I’ll never know how any of it happened and nobody in here asks questions. We take the check and we’re grateful for the opportunity [Laughs].”

Eventually, Kanye’s right-hand engineer, Mike Dean, added the final touches to the track and the rest became history. Pop also revealed that Kanye is holding onto another one of their beats that could be released in 2012.

Pop & Oak have a lot more coming in the New Year. They are confirmed to be working on Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj’s upcoming albums, but remain tightlipped on the details. However, Oak was able to tell us that they just wrapped up music for a project Chris Brown is working on with another artist.

“We did something with [Chris Brown] recently that’s not necessarily for his project,” says Oak, the Istanbul native. “That’s another one of those projects we can’t really speak on a lot because it’s him and someone else.”

Stay tuned for more from our exclusive interview.