Reality TV Recap – Jersey Shore is Back…Snooki is Almost Busted

Last night’s episode of Jersey Shore Season 5 picked up where the drama from Italy left off! The crew is back in the United States and as Vinny’s departure looms, The Situation’s friend, “The Unit” is waiting until it’s his turn to officially move into the house. However, that didn’t stop him from getting a head start on the drama.

The group reunited with their family and friends when they got back to Jersey Shore, at a surprise Welcome Back party and The Unit and Snooki’s friend, Ryder were there to wish their respective friends well. However, according to that story The Situation told about he and Snooki smashing, there were two witnesses and you guessed who they are. Sitch threatened to get one of the witnesses (his friend) to testify but while he was most likely just bluffing, Snooki seemed a bit guilty as she lashed out at The Unit–seemingly out of nowhere–in a tirade about how she hated him and he seized that moment to torment her by threatening to snitch to Jionni (yeah, they’re back together again) for the rest of the episode. But eventually Snooks apologized claiming that she was angry because she was drunk (side eye).

Snooki’s version of the story is that The Situation and The Unit are trying to break up her relationship with Jionni but the other roommates (and us too) are starting to believe that Snooki is failing miserably at covering up her lie. We’ll have to watch and see.

Do you think Snooki really did sleep with The Situation on the night on question?

How do you think The Unit will fit in with everyone else?

Check out the episode in case you missed it: