Reality TV Recap: “Mob Wives 2″ The Drama Unfolds

The second episode of Mob Wives Season 2 that aired on Jan. 8 had the biggest brawl of the shows history. Karen and Drita out did their rooftop fight from season one and had viewers in awe with their battle at Renee’s birthday bash. Karen’s cousin Ramona decided to join in on the fight to help beat up Drita, but she ended up shedding blood instead. It all started when Drita and Karen tried to resolve their differences, but body language speaks louder than words and it was clear that both ladies were about to get it on. Drita threw the first punch and all hell broke loose.

While everyone is trying to break up the fight confusion erupts when Ramona tries to figure out who hit her and made her bleed. The blame was pinned on Derek and everyone including Renee’s ex-husband Junior look for him out of anger ready to give him a beating for hitting a woman. Being that Junior had an “open case with the feds” Renee was alarmed and just wanted everyone to calm down and go home. No one listens to Renee and the men go off in search of Derek, they find the car that he was in and punch the window and it drives off. Talk about a party gone wrong mob style!

The aftermath of the fight consisted of Carla and Drita meeting up so that she could be filled in on what happened and Karen and Ramona coming to the realization that it was Drita not Derek who made Ramona bleed. The remainder of the episode dealt with Junior and Renee possibly rekindling their relationship for the future episodes. Can’t wait to see how that one unfolds. Overall, it was an episode filled with drama, drama and more drama and we love it!