Reality TV Recap: ‘Mob Wives 2′ Gets Off to an Ugly Start

It’s safe to say that last night’s premiere of Mob Wives Season 2 was an indicator of a wild season up ahead. The show opened with the near death of Renee who, instead of going to the gym, decided to get a full body lift so that she could add some plump to her rump. However, because it’s a dangerous surgery, even when done by professionals (see Kanye’s mom), she some how managed to split the stitches that held her back together in half, and her body went into shock, which made her flat line.

You would think that a woman who survived something like that wouldn’t be so inclined to hold grudges but Renee decided that Carla didn’t support her enough post surgery and added her to her “eff you” list. Meanwhile, Carla claims she wasn’t even aware of Renee’s condition because no one told her. We’ll have to keep watching to see how Renee’s grudge unfolds.

Drita started off by wanting to bury the hatchet with Karen but Karen says that Drita is full of it. Karen claims she heard that Drita was talking smack about “beating her up” and “putting her in the hospital” and now–because she doesn’t want to be punked on national television (we presume)—she has a score to settle.

Renee held a “I’m Happy to be Alive” party at the end of the episode where she celebrated surviving her ordeal. So, of course Drita appropriately chose that moment to send a messenger to summon Karen so that they could settle their differences. Karen approached Drita with a friend and it got ugly. The last thing we saw before the trailer for the next episode aired was Karen’s friend with a bloody lip because Drita threw a fist of fury (she’s been boxing).

Check out the supertrailer below for visuals of how ugly it’s going to get: