Reality TV Recap – Nene Befriends Marlo, Cynthia Has Marital Woes, Kandi Goes Country

So far on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’ve been seeing a lot more of the women as individuals. That’s probably partially because they all have interesting story lines—hence them being on reality TV in general—but also because they probably hate each other.

We’ll just have to wait and see the drama that unfolds the next time they’re forced to be on camera together. But anyway, last night’s episode was surprisingly drama free. It looks like Nene needs a new ally, so she went to lunch with Marlo to see what she was about. Marlo admitted to her shady past, which includes being arrested seven times (everyone needs at least one goon friend). Apparently, Nene liked the way Marlo handled herself when she was interrogated about her job at Cynthia’s event. Speaking of Cynthia, there’s trouble in paradise when it comes to her marriage. She and Thomas went to therapy to try to hash out their issues but they only scratched the surface. Cynthia revealed to Peter that sometimes she feels like she doesn’t like him and that she doesn’t love him, yikes. The episode ended with the pair seemingly headed in a positive direction as they both agreed to try to work things out.

Meanwhile, Sheree tried to get Kim off the lazy path to fitness by showing her some yoga and a better way of eating by juicing some fruits and veggies, but her attempts were futile. The only way Kim is going to lose weight is with the help of Dr. [Insert Name Here].

Kandi was busy making moves by writing a country music song with superstar Jo Dee Messina. Writing country was a first for Kandi and while she got off to an awkward start, she quickly got the hang of it and it seems like the finished product is going to be good.

Here’s a clip of Nene and Marlo’s bonding session from last night’s episode:

What do you think of last night’s episode? Who’se storyline are you liking the most right now?