Reality TV Recap – T.I. & Tiny Hustle in L.A. But Not Without Drama

Last night’s episode of T.I. & Tiny The Family Hustle was all about business. The ride or die couple headed to Los Angeles to work on their individual ventures, but not without drama while they were there.

T.I. spent the L.A. trip promoting his new novel, Power & Beauty. He stopped by “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” radio show to talk about the book and what people could expect from it and after the show Big Boy thought it was a good idea to fake a seizure, which obviously scared the life out of Tip. We weren’t feeling it either. The episode also showed T.I.’s parenting skills hard at work once again as he scolded Domani over his poor school grades and told him to buckle down or else. We know T.I. means business so hopefully Domani heeds his daddy’s advice.

Tiny’s adventure to L.A. could have been a lot more productive if her friends, Shekinah and Shamra, weren’t acting catty. The threesome had a few heated moments on the show from Shekinah acting a fool at the plastic surgeon’s office by asking the doctor inappropriate questions about breast size and complaining about the pain of her skin peel, to all three women arguing over Tiny’s plans to do a talk show. Shekinah and Shamra were not only trying to cast Tiny’s show–with themselves–but they were also arguing over who would get paid more (jump the gun much?). Tons of unnecessary drama continued after the argument between Shekinah and Shamra, where Shekinah revealed to Tiny that she was confused about her role as friend and employee but later in the episode the twosome seemed to squash the beef when Tiny calls to tell her she loves her. However, we like T.I.’s advice to Tiny, which was Skekinah could either be happy with her check or just be a friend for free.

Business certainly has its woes, stay tuned for next week’s recap!