Rich Forever! Every Reference to Being Rich Heard on Rick Ross’ Latest Mixtape

Track: “Holy Ghost”

“They say I’m gettin’ money, must be illuminati/Talking to the Holy Ghost, in my Bugatti”

Track: “High Definition”

“Turtleneck Mercedes blowin’ smoke up out the top/Time to talk about the money, I can tell you ’bout a profi”

“F-ckin’ with them jewelers nigga lit up like a screen, HD/Look at me ballin’ I’m talkin’ high definition”

“Bought three Range Rovers dolo, so f-ck Expedition/On the road to the riches until I’m paid in full”

“Pull up in the Bentley I could pop up in the six Helicopter rides I can sit it on the club”

Track:  “Yella Diamonds”

“Chasing my money like I’m Oprah, nigga/From Dade County now mansions and Boca, nigga”

“I’m whippin’ cake up like I’m Jacob, nigga/Hundred eighty for the bracelet and they hate it, nigga”

“Work fifty million so fuck the other side/My nigga you know your chopper’s cold”

“And I buy ‘em all cars off of my yella diamonds”

“C-note after c-note, put the remix on my kilo/Thought I wouldn’t make it, now I’m winning Timothy Tebow”