Rihanna’s Nipplegate: Faux Pas or For Show?

On first glance, Rihanna looks surprisingly innocent ringing in the New Year at Diddy’s lavish private party in Miami wearing a long-sleeved, knee-length black dress and simple heels. But then you see it—or them—Rihanna’s nipple rings flashing under her sheer, lace dress which she didn’t bother to wear a bra under anyway.

The nipplegate situation hardly went unnoticed, and it’s unclear if it was intended to. Rihanna is known for her sexy fashions on- and off-stage, often showing a little T, some A, and a whole lot of leg—which you’d expect from a 23-year-old pop star with a body like hers. Should we really think her New Year’s attire would be any different?

Still, some are chalking up her peep show to the brightness of camera flashes. It’s possible. Some celebs still do manage to forget what’s not visible in the dark always comes to light when the paparazzi is around, but something tells us someone with nipple rings who decided to forgo a bra altogether knew her jewels would be showing.

So what do you think about her exposure— typical Rihanna or fashion mishap?

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