Rumor Alert: Yandy is Pregnant


So about a month ago rumors were circulating that one of the ladies of “Love and Hip Hop” was pregnant, and according to Baller Alert, that lady is Yandy.

A reader submitted a tip to the site and here’s what they said:

“Hey BA! Yandy Smith from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop show is keeping a little secret. It turns out she is 3 months pregnant by her boyfriend. The same boyfriend who [allegedly] tried to rob Jim Jones a few months ago.”

They also wrote that Yandy doesn’t want to tape the reunion for Season 2 today or tomorrow because she’s expecting, plus the reader says: “Her and momma Jones are not cool anymore and she doesn’t want to be upset on the show. VH1 is begging her to be on the reunion.”

Wow. It will definitely be interesting to see if she’s on the reunion or not and how they explain her absence if she isn’t there. The Season finale airs on Monday, we will definitely be doing a baby bump check.

Are you shocked Yandy is the one who’s pregnant?

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