Serial Modelizers: The Men Who Love Models

Unfortunately, one model is calling it quits with her prince charming, but there are several model-famous guy duos still going strong. Maybe’s it’s simply a fad in entertainment. The men conquer their crafts and take attractive women as their trophies, perhaps? Who knows. Now, there’s a bit of a discrepancy on who is a model these days. There’s the video model sect and the runway clan, but either way, these men have taken a liking to the long-legged or well-endowed beauties…

John Legend
John loves the ladies but is only committed to one. Happily engaged to longtime girlfriend Chrissy Teigen, Legend has found a great catch in the Sports Illustrated lady. She’s a well-recognized model and a rising swimsuit designer. Most importantly, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, just check out her timeline (@chrissyteigen)!