Sheree Whitfield Talks She by Sheree’s New Direction, Phaedra’s Crush on Her

VIBE caught up with Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a brief chat about her passion for fitness, reviving She by Sheree, Phaedra’s seeming obsession with her butt and more. Check out part one below:

Did you ever resolve the child support issue you had with your ex?

No. Unfortunately, nothing has changed and we’re still going back to court but hopefully we will come to an agreement and find some sort of resolution because it’s a story that’s relatable at the end of the day but I don’t need this with my kids.

You talked a little about this on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but what lessons do you want kids to learn from what you’re going through?

My mom went through the same thing but hopefully, when my kids decide to have kids they can break that cycle, and hopefully they’ll either be with people that are more responsible, you never have kids with somebody or marry somebody and think that when you break up they’re gonna stop doing what they’re supposed to do, they’re gonna become irresponsible they’re gonna become bitter—you don’t think like that so hopefully my kids will be more responsible and make better decisions than I didn’t.

What fun facts can you share about yourself that people don’t get to see on TV?

I like to listen to talk radio and…I have to think about that.

Do you watch other reality shows, perhaps?

I’ve been so busy so slammed with working on different things and working on our show that when I’m at home by myself I don’t even turn my TV on. It’s silent in my house—that’s probably a fact that nobody knows. I don’t need no radio, I don’t need no TV, I am fine in the house, silent, with just my peace of mind, because there’s always so much going on, so if I can be at home and not do anything—no TV, no radio, then I’m absolutely fine. I’ll just read a book or do some paperwork.

And you’ve been trying to develop an acting career, right?

I’ve been getting a lot of scripts sent to me lately, so I am definitely going to be going back in that direction. And I’ve been working with an acting coach, and this will be a really good project for me that I’m working on. We’re actually working on the deal right now so if it does come to fruition I will definitely let you guys know.

What’s your ideal role to play for your first movie?

Something that’s what you guys think is out of character for me. I’m actually kind of goofy—not goofy but I love to laugh. I love to laugh and have fun, so that’s probably a role that people would think would be difficult for me—doing something comedic. On the show, they always have me in this serious light where it looks like I don’t smile and I don’t laugh and that’s it.

Have you been dating since the fake doctor?

[Laughs] I have been dating—well—I would say we were dating. We only went out like three times but I’ve definitely moved on. I got a lot of stuff that I’m working on, so I’m really just focusing on me. I just finished a song on iTunes, “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo,” So I’m working on a promotional tour for that and working on the show, which takes a lot of my time and then the other projects I’m working on. I’m also working on a fitness dvd and moving She by Sheree into fitness apparel.

So you didn’t give up on She by Sheree?

I am not giving up She by Sheree is my baby but the economy was really tough. I was putting a lot of my money into it and with the economy being so shabby and crazy right now, people aren’t really buying high end but fitness people want to buy fitness stuff because you gotta be in shape, you wanna be healthy—I can talk about that confidently and comfortably all day.

You’re like the go-to girl for fitness on Real Housewives, how do you stay in such good shape?

I like to get my grub on—even on Thanksgiving and Christmas I get my grub on—but I just have to pay for it in the gym. But it’s definitely all about eating right and eating healthy. I love sweats and that’s not completely cut out of my diet but it’s about eating in moderation. Also, people aren’t motivated to get out but if you have a partner then it works better because you have to motivate each other. Try to do something at least four days a week and change your diet and you’ll see a huge difference.

Speaking of workout buddies, Phaedra seems like she has a crush on you. She compliments your body a lot and makes random side effects in the process.

[Laughs] She does go in a little bit every week on my butt, and I’m like, hmmm… ok—but it take it as that’s just Phaedra. She works out as well but I think she just appreciates my efforts in the gym. I’ve always been shapely and curvy but I like it like that and apparently Phaedra does too.

What’s is the deal with Marlo, is she joining the cast officially?

She’s definitely not one of the characters. I think she’s kinda like—she’s gonna become a friend of someone on the show or that kinda thing. She’s definitely not a housewife.

What’s the situation with you and Nene?

You have to watch how everything goes this season and, yeah…watch what happens.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow where Sheree talks about her new song, “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo,” the RHOA South Africa Trip, images of Black women in the media.

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