Style Charity: 5 Ways to Do Good + Look Good

With January coming to a close and February set to begin, pat yourselves on the back, Vixens, you’ve successfully made it through the first month of the new year! But as work, school and other activities continue to consume our lives, how many of you ladies have been able to keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions? If your resolution involves volunteering and charity work, VIBE Vixen is here to help!

As important as giving back to our community is, at times we lack the time and effort to volunteer for our favorite cause. While giving our time is just as important as the monetary support, sometimes donating to charity is a simple as a few clicks or a rummage through your bedroom closet. The old adage is true: charity begins at home. So, if you’re beginning to eye the new spring 2012 collections or are just looking for some retail therapy, let your money work for you. Though designers pride themselves in their charity work aside from their brands, there are always certain items available specifically for charitable organizations. Whether your interest falls under health and disease awareness, the environment, children’s aid or world hunger, click next to check out five brands that allow you to do good while also looking good!



It’s not enough the makers of TOMS have consumers hooked with their colorful and comfortable footwear. According to their commitment to the One for One charity, for every pair of TOMS purchased, a pair of new shoes will go to a child in need.