Sundance Film Festival: Black Films You Must See

The annual Sundance Film Festival started yesterday in Park City, Utah, and it’s debuting a host of black films that are a must-see for every audience. Here are some of the films that you might be interested in catching…

Red Hook Summer
Written and directed by Spike Lee, this film is about a boy from Atlanta sent to live with minister grandfather in the projects in Red Hook, Brooklyn. In classic Spike Lee-style, he also plays the role of “Mookie.”

2 Days in New York
Chris Rock stars opposite Julie Delpy as her live-in boyfriend in this modern-day romantic comedy. Both Rock and Delpy care for their children together from previous relationships, but when Delpy’s parents come into town for a visit, racial tensions arise within the family.

In this film directed by Sheldon Candis, on-screen newcomer Michael Rainey Jr. plays an 11-year-old forced to learn the truth about his uncle, an ex-con, played by rapper Common.

Middle of Nowhere
Director and screenwriter Ava DuVernay premieres her first Sundance film. The Middle of Nowhere depicts an African American woman struggling to maintain her marriage while her husband is incarcerated. Bradford Young, the cinematographer for the dynamic film, Pariah, also shot this film.