Sundance Film Festival: Black Films You Must See

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap
Ice-T is back with this documentary that chronicles the history and artform of rap. The film delves in to conversations with rappers, Chuck D, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, MC Lyte, Mos Def and Kanye West.

Under African Skies
Songwriter Paul Simon goes back to South Africa for a reunion concert that marks the 25th anniversary of his album Graceland. The documentary tells the story of how Simon sparked controversy with the United Nations for breaking the cultural boycott of South Africa. The film includes interviews with legends Quincy Jones, Harry Belafonte, Paul McCartney and David Byrne.

The House I Live In
Danny Glover is one of the producers in this thought-provoking film on the war on drugs and how it has crippled black men who are incarcerated. For many black men, we see the struggle they face since prison is their home.