Talib Kweli Talks About the Kendrick Lamar Show That Changed Everything

It’s not often that hip-hop veterans are truly moved by the younger generation coming up behind them. It takes a special kind of talent to impress rap giants like Talib Kweli. However,  one cool summer night in 2011, Kendrick Lamar provided the NY native with a reminder of why he’s one of the greatest to emerge from the new school. –Eric Diep

Talib Kweli: “Kendrick has provided me with one of the greatest moments I’ve seen in live music. He did a show in LA and sold it out,  it was around the time Dr. Dre just announced that he was working with Kendrick. And to see him perform with Dre and Snoop was crazy. I was sitting at the balcony an still heard people singing his mixtape songs, girls were going crazy over his mixtape songs! And to see the Game come out of  the audience three songs in and say, ‘Kendrick Lamar is the only MC I ever heard that’s better than me.’ To see Snoop, Kurupt and everybody come on stage was so real. Kendrick even poked out and cried half way through the show. I have never seen anything like that. I was already a fan of Kendrick, and he was already on my album, but just to see it live was another experience. It would be an equivalent to when I first came out and I did a show with no record deal, and I sold it out and KRS-One and Biggie and Rakim showed [up] and said ‘yo, you the best.’

Watch a video clip from the show below: