‘The Cools’: New Platform To Buy, Sell and Share Everything Cool

Try to define cool. Wikipedia has it as “an admired aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style, influenced by and a product of the Zeitgeist.”

That is, appearance and style, attitude and behavior. These are the essential elements that have pushed celebs like Kanye West or Rihanna to the far reaches of unattainable cool.

It’s no secret that these stars pull their style from like-minded influencers, stylists, socialites alike. It’s these trendsetters that are the constant undercurrent of alternative inspiration in our society. If you have seen these scenesters out and about, you can instantly recognize their swag. With the Internet being polluted with so many ‘desperate-to-be-cool’ portals, where are the truly cool ones? And where are these style gods and goddesses hanging out and pulling their inspiration from?

Recently launched to a select crowd of these influencers, The Cools is a revolutionary eco-system that allows its users to buy sell and socially share influential style of the moment. The current style trends change everyday, and most e-commerce sites cannot keep up with the movement. The Cools allows users to be there in real time. The user experience is a sleek and tumblr-esque interface with custom functionality so you can like, comment and share with your friends, in addition to buying and selling. The latter is fueled by Paypal connect.

The inception of this trend-inspired social network derives from the visionary french entrepreneur and founder, Olivier van Themsche. He told VIBE Vixen exclusively:

“When I was talking to all these beautiful people wearing everyday different outfits, shoes, bags… I started asking them how they could afford it. They all answered that they were buying their most fashionable pieces on online auction sites. That was a shock: the most stylish people using the most conventional sites! Then, when all of them admitted that they hated the sites’ interfaces, I decided to create The Cools.”

Sign up here, allow a day or two for confirmation, then you can start getting your cool on. -Robbie Sokolowsky