The Game Recap: Melanie Finds Out She’s Not the CEO of Davis, Inc. After All

Marital bliss is not a term I would use to describe Melanie and Derwin’s relationship on “The Game.” Last night’s episode showed the couple going at it again over secrets, except this week, Derwin was the one who kept something from Melanie—rehiring Irv as his manager.

The move sparks a whirlwind of emotion from Melanie who questions her role in the couple’s marriage so Derwin asks if she really wants to represent him as CEO of Davis, Inc. He tells her to oversee Irv and his business deals—the first of which is clearing up a Verizon endorsement dispute with her rival, Tasha. But after making a fool of herself in front of Tasha and Irv, and being defeated, Derwin tells Melanie she was never really in charge, he just asked Irv to humor her—yet another blow. I’m starting to side with viewers who say Derwin isn’t the same innocent rookie he was when the show began.

Meanwhile, Malik keeps us questioning whether he will ever grow up. Doug puts the pro on a budget of $25,000/month after explaining his $80 million endorsement deal is pretty much already blown. Not wanting to fess up to balling on a budget, the mama’s boy treats Tee Tee and several rookie players to a night out for his cousin’s birthday, but he couldn’t pay the cost to be the boss and had to ask mama Tasha to come pay the bill.

There were no signs of Mexican newlyweds Jason and Chardonnay on this episode, so we’re still on our toes about how that relationship will play out once they head back across the border. Overall, though, I’d say the season is off to a decent start.

What did you think about last night’s episode?

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