T.I. Discusses Possible Collaboration Album With Young Jeezy

Fresh off his New Year’s Day release of F*ck Da City Up, T.I. called Power 106 Los Angeles to talk with J Cruz and Los Angeles Leaker’s Justin Credible.

TIP and the gang chopped it up about the reception of his new mixtape, which was released specifically for fans of his trapstar raps. The Kang also talked about one of the mixtape’s most-talked about tracks, “Popped Off” featuring Dr. Dre. He had nothing but admiration for the West Coast legend and is hoping to continue building their chemistry on future work.

Another topic of discussion was Young Jeezy, who TIP has been frequently working with as of late. He addressed a possibilty of a collaboration album a la Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne. But the focus for TIP is putting ATL back on top with his latest LP Trouble Man and B.o.B.’s Strange Clouds.  Watch him reclaim his crown in 2012. –Eric Diep

Read the interview from Power 106 below:

His motivation for releasing F*ck Da City Up as a free mixtape:

“My motivation for the mixtape was to serve the core audience of my fanbase, man. The people that were down with I’m Serious,Trap Muzik, the Urban Legend ,before there was a multi-platinum T.I. I want to give cats more dope boys, more 24s and more top backs. You know right now man, Giving the success of T.I., the labels ain’t trying to get behind that as much like they once were. I still care about the people who represent me from the get-go, and I feel like this mixtape was way a to give them the music that they want to hear first.”
Working with Dr. Dre:

“Working with Dre, man, that was really was a check off my bucket list. I plan and I hope to continue working with him at a great deal man. Because the music, you are not going to get a better producer than that – point blank, period. You can get some cats that are as good at some things, but you are going to get a better producer than Dr. Dre. He hears things in a certain way that other ears ain’t wired the same as ours. His mind don’t think like ours do. To be in there with the best of the best, and actually begin to be able to put your best work in the hands of man that can put you where you need to be musically, it’s phenomenal. That opportunity, I’m floored by it. Now, the chemistry, we just kicked it like before I was T.I. and before he was Dr. Dre. “
Possible Young Jeezy collaboration album

“Jeezy and I we have discussed doing a collaborative album. Right now, we are both focused on putting Atlanta back on top. In my absence, I’ve seen the city take a backseat – if you will – to other areas and other regions. No I ain’t trying to swipe everybody’s efforts and contributions to the game, but I know what my city represents and I know what my city is capable of, and if I feel like we are not living up to our full potential, I am gonna gather the cats who I know, who supposed to ride for the town like I ride, and we get it back right.”