Today in WTF News – Man Stabbed For Not Knowing Jay-Z & Beyonce Were Married

We all know that people get in to altercations everyday, but when the cause is over something as ridiculous as this, we have to wonder what kind of medication people are on.

Ohio’s Fox 8 News reported that on New Year’s Eve, 31-year-old Ronald Deaver was arrested for stabbing a 48-year-old Garfield Heights man because he was unaware that Beyonce’s husband was legendary rapper Jay-Z.

Pause and let that sink in.

We know that Jayonce is the ultimate power couple but to stab someone over them? The thought of the entire incident is enough to make anyone cringe. We know it was NYE and all, but there’s no alcohol in the world strong enough to make someone act like that. The world might really be coming to an end with crazy people like that running around.