Try It! 10-Minute Daily Makeup Routine

You get dressed for your regular work day, and you feel that you look great. Great hair, nails, outfit and shoes are on deck. But, there is something missing from that list: a little bit of makeup.

It’s often overlooked and neglected; however, it will make your ensemble look much more polished. We’re not advocating for a transformation, just a little sprucing. The new year should involve you dedicating more time and effort into your daily aesthetic! Just 10 minutes and a few products can work wonders for your daily wardrobe.

Where Do You Start?
It’s good to start with three focuses to create a complete look: Lashes (mascara), Lips and a Lightweight Powder (LLLP). The items used for LLLP are very easy in application and don’t require you to be a makeup expert. Once you incorporate a little LLLP into your daily routine, you may want to eventually branch out into more advanced techniques. But let’s explore the basic building blocks of beauty for now.

Everyone isn’t a makeup enthusiast. There’s the makeup minimalist and then also the girl who purchases beauty products regularly but wishes that she had the know-how to do more with her daily look. Here are some recommendations for both types of women.