Upkeep: Tips for Rocking Box Braids

Good news for my fashion forward, boho-chic, trendy, fearless Vixens! Box braids, Patra braids, Poetic Justice braids–however you prefer to refer to them–are baaack! No burnt ends this time around, though. Fashion icons like Solange and Va$htie have recently been spotted swinging and swaggin’ in their waist length plaits. Feeling brave? This bold style is perfect for protecting your hair from the cold winter weather, and it will save you time from having to do your hair every morning. When done properly, braids can add pizazz to your winter threads and give you a fresh new look. But there are rules to this game! Do the right thing and consult our guide for perfect box braids to get the most out of this trendy bohemian look.