V Exclusive! Amber Rose Talks Rapping, Dream Collabos, Favorite Songs

Amber Rose turned heads with her debut single, “Fame.” With most expecting her to fail on her first try at music, Wiz’s leading lady proved her future behind the mic is a promising one. VIBE caught up with the Philly native in New York City for a little one-on-one time to discussher new endeavor.

On Her First Single:
“It’s so perfect and I didn’t know that was actually gonna be my first single but I was just like I’ll put “Fame” out for free. It’s not gonna be on iTunes or anything like that. It’s just for the fans to understand a little bit more of my life and you know there’s a lot of young kids or people in general that want to be famous but they don’t really know what that entails.  That’s why I put out “Fame.”

On Rapping:
“Yea. I definitely rap and I sing and my music is fun. It’s all dance music. I have an inspirational song that’s really dope. I have some records that are just plain fun, like you just want to party, jump around and go crazy to. “

Dream Collabos:
“I would really, really love to do a song with Pitbull and LMFAO. They’re probably like my two favorites. I’ve always loved Timbaland as well.”

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