V Exclusive! Elle Varner Talks About Her New Mixtape and Upcoming Debut Album (PG. 2)

Well said. And now your upcoming album is called Perfectly Imperfect. What was the meaning behind the title?
The meaning behind the title has double meanings. One for literal music on the album. There’s like so many points on the album where maybe there was a mistake in the vocal or the track or in the mix and it was kept because it was part of the sound or the vibe and the other meaning is just really the place that I came to when I was really ready for this and I said, “Ok, I have my album. This is it. This is me. Who I am. I’m perfectly imperfect.” Just how I’ve come to accept myself and something that I want to share with other people because it’s such a powerful message, a powerful thought to say, “Hey, I’m perfectly imperfect the way I am.” I thought it tied in everything together nicely and it’s introducing me, “I’m Elle Varner. I’m perfectly imperfect. How’s it goin’?” *laughs*

When can we expect this album to drop?
I will say definitely looking the spring but the most important thing is to not put it out too soon because everything is starting to grow and the buzz is getting so much bigger and bigger.
How is the mixtape different?
This is a project that I had a lot of fun with, that I was able to take a total different approach to making music because an album is a big epic thing but with a mixtape, you have fun, you sample things, you redo songs, it’s kinda like whatever you want. There’s no rule. I have some very hilarious songs on there. I have some, literally intimate songs in terms of you’re getting a real intimate look into my life and what I’m going through. And it’s just great songs, a lot of uptempo, I don’t even think there’s a ballad on there.

So it’s like the fun side of Elle Varner.
Yeah, it’s the fun side of Elle Varner, it’s the uninhibited, kind of the wild side I guess.

Now there’s a line in “Only Wanna Give It To You” where you sing about the digital ocean that I feel like everybody is being swept by these days. Are you a fan of Twitter and social media?
I am and I’m not. I think it’s crazy how it’s become a part of daily life. It’s like the phone. Everything is like Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. I think it’s kind of difficult because you have to be, well you don’t have to be, responsible for the things you say and people just say whatever comes to their head without really thinking about the implications.

Has a fan ever tweeted you something extremely crazy?
Oh my god, yes. I have to try to remember. I get a lot of like weird marriage proposals and just like, like I said, I have to think about the things I say. For example, if I say “I’m so sleepy” and then some guy will be like, “Oh, I’ll come put you to bed.” So it gets kinda weird. I’m like really careful.

I also read that you graduated from NYU’s Clive Davis Department. How did it feel and was finishing your education an important goal before fully embarking on a music career?
I’m very proud of myself for pushing through because like a lot of artists and musicians, it’s tough to finish and I’m happy that I did. I’m happy that I got a chance to grow up before I was under the spotlight because if I had gone straight into the music industry from high school, I would’ve been exposed to this whole crazy world without really going through all the stuff you go through in college and traveling so I’m grateful that I did it. It’s allowed me to have a leg up in the industry from the business side, from the musical side, understanding production and engineering and all those things. And I recommend it to everybody. Honestly I don’t recommend going to college because it’s safe to go, because if you don’t really wanna go and you don’t have any passion or anything you wanna get out of it, then it’s a waste of your time and money so if you know what you wanna do, if you wanna be an architect, if you wanna be a doctor, if you wanna be a lawyer, then definitely go.

Did you have a fallback plan in case music didn’t work out?
Nope! *laughs* I guess songwriting. If I wasn’t an artist, I would be a songwriter, but I think I would have to be in the music industry somehow.

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