V Exclusive! Mashonda Talks Music & Acting With Jadakiss

The very first time I heard the confident and raspy voice of Jason Phillips, I got goosebumps. It was unique and dynamic; I wanted to hear more! I still remember when I met him for the first time at a Puff Daddy party on South Beach. It was 1997 and little did he or I know, he would become a part of the most incredible hip-hop story ever told. He was a “Bad Boy.”

Growing up in Yonkers, NY and sharing a childhood with his Lox group members, he talks about their toddler days and says they are still very much a group. While attending college at Westchester Community, he already knew what he wanted from life. I recently sat down with Kiss and was able to to get into his heart and soul. Even though he’s the sweetest and kindest in my eyes he will remind you not to let the baby face fool you.

Mashonda: Let’s talk some music, Kiss. For me “Benjamins” is one of the biggest rap songs ever made. I want to know how you felt walking out the studio.
Jadakiss: I hated it. Puff had to almost twist our arms to make that song. I didn’t really like it.

How long did it take for you to realize that it was legendary?
It went on a sampler at first. Then it was crazy on the radio, then it was crazy at the clubs, skate key, DJ’s was playing it like 30 times in a row. We were like this is crazy. We started getting show offers so we shot the video and did a rock and roll remix. VMA’s, Soul Train, Grammy’s we did every award show, it was crazy. That’s the first song I wrote for somebody. The first song that I wrote for Diddy.

Being that you worked with iconic artists like Biggie and Jay, what jewels do you feel that you’ve taken and carried with you in your career?
The one thing I can get from both of them is that you have to keep working, consistency, someone is always trying to take your spot. I also got that from Diddy. That’s one thing he instills in all his artists. Even today on twitter, following him you just see that he never sleeps he just always doing something. This is a game. Fans are very fickle and with the Internet there’s a lot of change everyday so you gotta stay on your A game, stay consistent as you can. 

What do you want to do after the rap?
Some voice over stuff.  Cartoons, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda’s. I def want to do that as well as some acting.

You just did a movie, what’s it about?
Yea had a nice little role. We filmed in Philly. Directed by Charles E. Dunn called “Must Be the Music”. I actually had some dialogue with him so that was a big accomplishment for me that nobody knew. I was like full of joy.

Tell me about this new album. What can we expect? Who’s on it?
Still early, still getting the production, still searching for songs. I want to at least have a nice game plan and try to execute and give some longevity to the album as a priority on the label .The album is Top 5 Dead or Alive, I was going to switch the name but I put it on twitter and they said the people feel I should keep that so I’m a keep it. I just feel like I want to do a lot of ventilating on this album. It’ll definitely have a few songs that will hit you from left field. Some strong good joints for the females, some good meaningful songs that I always make. But I want to make it hard, definitely heart felt ‘cuz that’s my lane. I always give you some real good pain, make it cinematic in audio. I got Chris Brown so far, I just sent another track to Jeezy. There’s no rush, the game is moving like a turtle anyway so until then I’ll just do a bunch of featurings. Ima be on Jeezy’s new album, I did a joint on the Weezy album, Busta’s new album, did the Estelle Remix, just a whole lot of features.

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