V Premiere! Jasmine Solano feat. Yelawolf ‘One On One’

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If her resilience, tenacity and focus were any indication of how serious Jasmine Solano’s intent is on making her mark on the music world in 2012, then her first offering “One on One” feat. Yelawolf will carve it in stone. Solano is currently working on her solo debut, Rap. Stay connected with Jasmine at www.jasminesolano.com and keep an eye out for her forthcoming mixtape. “One on One” Jasmine Solano ft. Yelawolf by Jasmine Solano

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VIBE: Who is Jasmine Solano?
JASMINE: I’m a workaholic who likes to eat a lot [laughs]. Jasmine Solano is a multi-tasker and a humanitarian. I like to control a lot of the aspects of my brand and of my artistic expression, so that means I like to direct my own videos when I can, I like to be hands-on with the artwork, I like to DJ my own sets when I rap and I love putting together the entire package from top to bottom. And so I’m always multitasking, and I’m also always thinking about my interactions with people whether that’s the crowd, whether that’s relationships in general, whether that’s industry folk or whether that’s the fans. My personal relationships [and] my interaction with people is pretty much the most important thing to me.