Vixen Chat: Karina Pasian Talks ‘Trips To Venus’ + Her Style Evolution

You were introduced to us as the cute teenager, then you shaved your long locks and introduced us to a short-haired, edgy Karina. Tell me how your style has evolved with age.
My new short hair is edgy and reflects me as a person. It was a way of me taking control of myself and a freeing experience.

Name your top celebrity looks? What are you style icons from the world of entertainment?
Rihanna and Cassie. I loved Rihanna’s style during Good Girl Gone Bad.

So, at 16 you were at war. Where are you now at 20 years old with your music and your style?
I’m a lot more independent, more in control and in a new place. I’m focused on my music and trying figure out who I am.

You are so young, yet so successful. What advice can you provide to our younger readers on achieving their dreams?
Never look back, keep focused on what you do, remember the love and that will keep you strong. When all is lost, look to yourself to find love.