Vixen Chat: Kyla Pratt Talks ‘Let’s Stay Together,’ Pregnancy + Gives Beyoncé Advice on Motherhood

Now do you and your man plan on getting married?
Not right now. That’s for the future. We talked about it, but we’re both on the same page.

You recently penned a letter defending your family on your blog. Did you feel you owed people an explanation?
I don’t feel I owe anybody anything; it was just about putting the truth out there, so lies can stop being spread. If they got something to say after this, they can say whatever they want, but I know I am going to tell you what it is, and that’s all I can do. I was just tired of people sending me mess. That letter was for the negative people trying to push things my way. I tried to say it the best way possible without wildin’ out [laughs]. I think I did good!

How do you deal with negativity and the rumors?
I feel like people will always have something to say, so me talking about my daughter on 106 & Park was bound to happen because that’s my everything. I never announced being pregnant because I watched people in the industry have a baby, like Jennifer Freeman and Lauren London. People don’t know the actual story or know what’s really going on, and they are so negative and hurtful. I didn’t want to go through that with my pregnancy. The baby can feel what you’re feeling, so I was like I’m going to enjoy my pregnancy without having people have something to say. So at the point of 106 and Park, it was like, she’s already here now.

What do you like to do for fun?
Well, I usually hit up Vegas, do a little gambling or a day spa, you know, regular stuff.

What beauty products do you use?
I like Kiehl’s face moisturizer, and cocoa butter has been used for like ever! I’m not really high maintenance; I just like to be cleaned and moisturized.

Where do you like to shop? Describe your style.
I’m comfortable and cute. I’m very laid back. The people that get the most money from me is Guess by Marciano. I love shopping there.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors and actresses?
You have to get into the business for the right reasons. If you getting in it to get rich, it’s a very stressful business; you wont last long. You have to get into it because you love it.


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