Vixen Chat: La La Anthony and Loren Ridinger Talk ‘Motives by La La’ + Spring Beauty Trends

VV: Now what was the most exciting part about the entire process?
La La: It was the involvement of every step of it. I just love picking the colors, trying them on, putting the lipstick and lip gloss on my hands, figuring out what works and what doesn’t and helping create the logo. Just being involved with something from the beginning and seeing it through is the best part. I’ve been involved every step of it.
Loren: She was extremely hands on! That’s the thing I love about her. She went through hundreds and hundreds of products to get it down to the best, and she really put her heart into it to make sure it was the perfect match for everybody. A lot of times people would be like, ‘Do this for me,’ but not La; she’s completely the opposite.

VV: Outside of being close with Loren, why did you pick Market America to house your cosmetic line and not MAC or another place?
La La: I picked Market America because they already have a tremendous following of customers. The Motives line that they [already] sell is very good. Also, I love Market America because it’s the only website where you get paid to shop. If you buy my makeup or anything from Market America, you actually get money back every time you make a purchase. You are kind of giving money back, and a lot of places can’t offer that to customers. That was my draw to it. I know with this economy and with people going through issues money-wise, it always great to do shopping and get something back for it.

VV: Have your other besties tried the products? Kim, Serena and Kelly?
La La: They haven’t yet because everything is not done. Everything will be in a week or two, and what we did was we created “VIP Kits” to friends and key influential people to just start testing it out before it hits the marketplace. Of course, I want their honest opinion when they see it and feel it.

VV: With the Spring coming up, what makeup trends are you excited for people to try out with your collection?
La La: I used to hate wearing color on my lips, but with time, a makeup artist convinced me to do that. Now I am a fan of bolder colors, especially for the spring. Whether it’s pink or red or these different things to make your lips pop, I’m more adventurous when its come to those kind of things.
Loren: I really think it will target all of [the makeup trends] when I see a lot of bright and bold colors coming out in the Spring. I think she hit the bulls-eye with that. This is not going to hit a single trend but every trend because she thought that all through.

VV: What does Carmelo have to say about all this? This new venture in your life?
La La: He’s just very proud and very happy. And he knows this is something I wanted to do. And he’s just wow the way it came together, everything looks great. He’s being supportive and telling everybody about it. It’s a wonderful thing.