Vixen Chat: Makeup Artist Leora Edut on Green Cosmetics + Beauty Blender

The tools we use today are going greener and greener, including our makeup tools. From brushes to nail polish there are tons of environment friendly beautifying products on the market. Most recently, VV sat down with makeup artist Leora Edut to chat about the Beauty Blender and greener cosmetics for the earth conscious Vixen. -Jessica Matos

What makes the beauty blender the best makeup applicator on the market?
It’s a reusable, recyclable applicator that saves resources and time. The Beauty Blender is a must-have for makeup artists and the every day woman alike, because it seamlessly blends cream, liquid or powder makeup into your skin. It takes half the time to put your makeup on than it does with a traditional brush. The unique egg shape makes it perfect to get in those really hard to reach spots on the face–under your eyes and around your nose.

Do you see more and more traditional cosmetic products going green?
I’m finally seeing a lot more skin and foundation companies joining the market with paraben free and all natural/organic ingredients. For foundation I LOVE Josie Moran and for skin care Tata Harper has products to die for!

What is your favorite makeup trend?
My favorite trend has to be eyelashes. They just give eyes that wide awake, I-already-have-makeup-on look. I have been wearing them since I was 18, and I tell people that when I’m 80, I will be having my husband bring me my magnifying mirror, so I can still apply them!

What other innovative products can we look forward to from Beauty Blender?
Beauty Blender Pure which is especially made for applying your skin care routine. It has a suede texture to its great to the touch. We also carry beauty blender air which is a new carrying case which allows your blender to breathe and travel easily.