Vixen Chat: Tiff The Stylist Introduces Her Lifestyle in Celeb Fashion


A lot goes into making these celebrities look good, in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

Celebrity stylist Tiffany Hasbourne has traveled the world sprinkling her style magic among the top tier of celebs, not with just a pretty face and a smile but with ability to learn and take heed to those before her. These days, she’s a boss Vixen! As a stylist to the stars and championing costume designing–Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Gabrielle Union, Missy Elliot, Melinda Williams, Verse Simmonds, Vanessa Hudgens (yes, she styled High School Musical), and more–Tiff has been the culprit for some of the hottest looks to don the hip-pop culture. Not only does she make our fave fashionistas and gentlemen look good, she bridges their personality with her vision to create the aesthetic.

With an expertise in the theater of fashion and an understanding of the world of celebrity, the Queens, NY native evokes the womanly confidence of a true Vixen. (You know we had to bring her on board!) She’ll be featured weekly on VIBE Vixen, and you will get an exclusive peek into her life, as well as BTS looks at several “you had to be there” events. Watch + learn what Tiff the Stylist is all about!