Vixen Chat: Tiff The Stylist Introduces Her Lifestyle in Celeb Fashion


Here’s a few excerpts:

Fashion start:
I started styling about ten years ago, I used to assistant another stylist. My mentor is Susan Moses. I’ve done video, costume designing. set dressing.

My mother got me into fashion, she loves to shop. She also kept tons of magazines around. That’s just something that I picked up from my mom when I was five years old. I’ve been into clothes, shopping. Starting trends, noticing what trends were.

Bryan Barber:
My first real mistake was a video with Bryan Barber. I messed up the continuity with one of the scenes. IT was a two-day shoot, I was supposed to keep track of a hat that we borrowed from the farmer who’s farm we were actually shooting on. And at the end of the night, the first night of taping. I gave him back his hat. So the second day Bryan Barber said, where’s the hat? He had to go back to the farmer’s house to go get the hat from him so we can go put it back in the shot. But I learn earlier in my career what continuity was, so it was a great mistake.

Favorite trend:
Accessories. Female accessories. That will not go out of style. Bags, shoes. Limitless with accessories.

Personal definition of a Vixen:
I want to change the word, what I think the word “Vixen” means. Before everybody used to associate Vixen with, like, video vixen. But now, Vixen is a powerful woman, someone who can multitask and that makes people look to her in awe. That’s just a Vixen. The term video vixen before were for the girls that they used in videos that everyone gawked to. I feel like women can be professional Vixens, where you are just so focused in your career and what you love to do that. You’re just a Vixen at it.

The traveling. I’ve been to London, I’ve been to Jamaica, I’ve been to Rome, I’ve been to different parts of Italy, I’ve been to fashion week in Milan. California all the time. Miami. I just love not knowing where I could possibly shoot. One week I could be working in Manhattan, and the next week I could be out of the country. That’s the best experience to me, doing what I want and seeing the world when I do it.