Vixen Guide to Layers: How Men + Women Can Stay Warm in the Winter

“When bad layering happens to good people” is a common occurrence in northern cities. If you have ever experienced the merciless winter of north of the Mason Dixon, you know that layering is not only a fashion trend—it’s a means of survival. The more hats, scarves, sweaters, and jackets you can pile on, the better off you’ll fare against the gusting winds, unpredictable storms, and sometimes below zero temperatures of the season. But before you go layer-crazy, as always, we must warn you—there are rules to this game. Guys are no longer forced to forgo their cool looks and settle for streetwear down jackets to stay warm thanks to affordable options from major retailers, and the aim for ladies is to remain effortlessly fly and Vixen-esque while generating as much heat as possible. Take note from our examples, and stay cozy this winter! -Byron Edwards and Kae Lartey