Vixen Salute: ‘Milk + Honey’ Web Series Needs Support!

Okay, so I’m a day late and they’re a couple dollars short, but VV is going to step up and remedy both situations.

As you may have heard, production company Brown Paper Dolls has enlisted a few great African American actors and actresses to bring real dream-chasing scenarios to the web screen. Milk + Honey follows four young LA women as they experience the ups and downs of following their passions and looking for love. Produced by Idris Elba and starring Hollywood vet Debbie Allen and rising star Lance Gross, this web series illustrates a perfect glimpse into the educated, 20-something world.

Now, I’ve just gotten hip to the show (not our writer Danielle!), but I’m a firm believer in supporting black filmmakers. If you are too, the series needs YOUR help with raising money, so they can continue to produce the modern take on love, dreams and going after both! Go here to donate what you can, and for each amount ($5, $10, $25, etc), you will receive a special shoutout from the ladies behind Brown Paper Dolls.

As Vixens, we should feel obligated to help out talented black entertainers and positive media. Check out the episodes at CLUTCH, and help bring the series back to life.

Kudos to this project!