Welcome in The Year Of The Dragon With Swatch

The year of the dragon starts soon–January 23rd to be specific. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a revered symbol of power, so why not welcome a bit of that in your life with two of Swatches newest additions, the ‘Year of the Dragon’ and ‘The Lucky Snow.’

The Year of the Dragon features an intricately designed dragon, drawn in blue on white background of the silicone strap, an ode to the traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain. The dial compliments the dragon with a delicate ornamental blue grid drawn on a white background. A blue dragon appears on the special packaging, too, ready to bring good fortune to everyone in the year ahead.

While The Lucky Snow celebrates Shanghai, one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting cities. Presented in special packaging, evoking the sights and sounds of Shanghai against the spectacular Pudong skyline, in a limited and numbered edition of 7,777, Lucky Snow comes all decked out in a plush, royal red. In a playful contrast to the packaging, Swatch has added a more traditional touch to the model- a Chinese pagoda. Enclosed a decorative snow globe that snaps onto the watchcase over the dial, transforming this colorful Gent into a charming bracelet for the holiday season.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Were any of you Vixens born under the year of the Dragon?