What She Say? Jordin Sparks: “It Was a Dream Come True”

will appear in the remake of the 1976 musical, Sparkle. Alongside Whitney Houston, the American Idol plays a singer in a girl group that deals with the ills of fame and celebrity. Sparks is making her debut to the silver screen while Houston is making her anticipated return. The 22-year-old star gushes to People magazine about working with her icon:

“I sang her songs into a hairbrush when I was little. Now she’s acting as my mom and scolding me. It was a dream come true.”

Even though off-screen she looked up to Houston, on set Sparks explains that she looked to the 48-year-old star for support.

“She was so cool and very motherly toward me. “If I ever looked like I needed something, here she came saying ‘Are you okay?'”

The movie is set to release on August 10, 2012.